In order to "provide specially tailored equipment and technology that meets the customer's specifications.

ALGOVISION TECHNOLOGIES INC. raison d'etre is to "provide customized equipment and technology that meets the customer's specifications" for people around the world, focusing on the highest quality "creative polishing technology".

For this purpose, we have developed a wide range of metal tubes, Metal Additive Manufacturing metal materials, and WC carbide materials.
We are dedicated to ideas and creativity in improving the polishing process, and we have a deeper understanding of the polishing process than anyone else.
We are focused on delivering unparalleled value-added technology.

The allure of technology... it is the history of human power that has given rise to the joy of idea creation and observational ability that has been handed down from previous generations.
It is a refined sensitivity, the origin of pioneering unique process technology, and a profound sense of accomplishment and pure joy that makes the heart tremble.

Our polishing process development has the power to impress our customers.
We believe in its great potential.
In order for small venture companies to survive,
we are changing with the times of change with the aim of becoming a niche top global.

Through polishing technology, we have a smooth, ultra-mirror surface inspection nozzle, special injection needle, catheter parts, etc.
In the polishing area of stent parts, we believe in a safe and healthy future of harmony and aim to realize it.

President and CEO Shoichi Tachibana