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Solid-liquid two-phase fluid polishing equipment
solid-liquid two-phase flow

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Our fluidic polishing systems are delivered with full in-house manufacturing.
The equipment is designed to be fully customized to meet the customer's specifications and is entirely hand-made.
Please allow a little time for delivery.

We use our own original technology and process know-how to design and tune our products specifically for our customers' products.
For remote monitoring, remote operation, and collection of big data (polishing process data), the operation panel is a portable tablet with functions for data collection, storage, and analysis via APP.
We are constantly examining the latest SPEC innovations and improving the functionality towards full automation.

A device must not only be easy to use, but also smart and clean...
We can also produce a "BLACK VERSION" using black dyed SUS for the housing.
Based on the philosophy of the owner of the company, our philosophy is to "create easy-to-use, high-performance, and beautiful devices.

Also, in response to the voice saying "I want to develop with my own development equipment before introducing the production machine", both development equipment and mass production equipment We can respond to both requests, so we would appreciate it if you could consult and order.

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